5 tips for keeping your cut flowers fresh ▾

1. Cut the stem ends: Cutting off the ends helps ensure that your flowers access to nutrients is maximized. Cutting at an angle to increase the surface area for water absorption.

2. Keep the vase and water clean: Please add water every day or every other day. For best results with a vase arrangement, empty the water completely and refill with fresh water. It’s a good time to give the stems a quick trim too!

3. Cut off flowers and leaves below the level of the water: Leaves and other outcroppings below the level of the vase's water can rot. This adds more bacteria to the mix and can decrease the life of your bouquet.

4. Store in a cool and humid spot (*away from fruit.) Avoid putting your flowers in hot areas where they can dry out. Near that heating vent? No way! Plants need moisture. Avoid putting the flowers in direct sunlight too. * If you have fruit bowl on the kitchen counter, you may want to move your flowers to a different room. Why? Fruit releases ethylene that will cause the flowers to die.

5. For Arrangements with floral foam, we recommend watering every other day for longer life.

Important Note: Flowers have varying lengths of life after cutting.
As your blooms fade, remove them from the arrangement.